Multicoloured shutter door on warehouse. Top half with clear grey metal stripes, the bottom half with black and yellow bumble-bee style stripes
"Industrial doors" is the term that is used to cover the vast range of accessible entrances and barriers that are used to separate areas of a business building. They allow entry and access where necessary, and they can provide heavy duty security as well as fire protection to a business. You'll find that industrial doors can help your business to reduce energy costs, thus being an eco-friendly solution for you. 
Industrial doors are known to be strong and resilient, and this comes from their design and the materials that are used in their construction. Industrial doors withstand a lot; they provide high-quality security and act as a barrier for the elements, too. If you are running a large business, these are factors that you must consider. 
Types Of Industrial Doors 
There are many different types of industrial doors, and we've got the lowdown for you below: 
Roller Shutter Doors 
Some businesses have a preference for which industrial doors they choose for their premises. Roller shutters are a popular option, and they are made of horizontal bars that are hinged together. These bars operate in a vertical plane inside a frame, and this can be moved manually or electronically. Warehouses and business units favour roller shutters due to their varied ways of control.. 
Sectional Overhead Doors 
Similar to roller shutter doors, sectional overhead doors also move up and down vertically. Instead of being constructed with bars, these use wider panels. They're one of the best types to choose if you are concerned about environmental control.. 
PVC Strip Curtains/Crash Doors 
There are those out there that require constant access for the high traffic areas. Crash doors are built for ease of access for trucks and trollies and vehicles. 
The Benefits of Roller Shutters 
Roller shutters come with a plethora of benefits, and these aren't limited to but do include: 
High-Speed Operation 
They're designed to open and shut as quickly as possible so that transport can move through them and the business does not lose heat. 
Fire Protection 
Steel door curtains can close quickly, sealing off a fire and prevent the spread of any flames. 
These doors are ideal in a freezer section of a warehouse, given that they do not compromise the insulation of the area. 
High-speed roller shutters are useful for preventing access to a business; high security is always a plus. 
What Essex Doors and Shutters Ltd Can Provide 
At Essex Doors and Shutters Ltd, we take your security seriously. Not only can we install the roller shutter doors for you, but we also offer door maintenance and door repairs, too. We provide a professional and efficient team when it comes to your installation, whether you are in Essex, Suffolk, or Surrey. Our business is family run, and we put the customer first every single time. Should your roller shutter doors require repairs or maintenance services, you are in the right place. Give us a call today on 01206 625675. One of our friendly team will be more than happy to help! 
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