Roller shutter doors are mostly seen in industrial businesses or in commercial settings. This includes warehouses utilising shutter doors where chilled areas are essential, and where traffic is high. 
A roller shutter door is made from steel bars or slats that are hinged within a frame. They move up and down to allow entry or exit, and they can be controlled automatically or manually. Most doors today use automatic controls with a remote. 
Planning is essential, and when you have a regular door maintenance service, you can prevent unexpected issues from occurring.  
With the help of the right door servicing experts in EDS, you can rest easy knowing that your entries are well taken care of at all times. Don't let them get to the point of repair, not when our maintenance service is effective and efficient at all times! 
Should your roller shutter doors require repairs or maintenance services, you are in the right place. Give us a call today on 07803 875617. One of our friendly team will be more than happy to help! 
The Benefits of Roller Shutters 
In a busy commercial environment, roller shutter doors are the perfect choice. Let's explore why: 
Roller Shutter Maintenance Essex Harlow
High-Speed Operation 
They're designed to open and shut as quickly as possible so that transport can move through them and the business does not lose heat. Most are available with an electric motor, which allows for fast operation. You can use them manually, but this is much slower, and you want efficiency. 
Fire Protection 
Steel door curtains can close quickly, sealing off a fire and prevent the spread of any flames. Roller shutter doors are mostly fire resistant, with a galvanised steel coil and flame trap fascia. This fascia can slow how fast the flames would spread in a fire, and when they are closed, you can get up to two hours of protection from a fire when you are waiting for help. 
These doors are ideal in a freezer section of a warehouse, given that they do not compromise the insulation of the area. Roller shutter doors work in a way that means they move as high as they are required; which could mean better preservation of insulation. They save energy when closed, too! 
High-speed roller shutters are useful for preventing access to a business; high security is always a plus. With an automatic opening and closing system, roller shutter doors offer maximum protection at all times. 
Roller Shutter Maintenance With Essex Doors and Shutters Ltd 
At EDS, we aim to ensure that we diagnose and address any issues affecting your roller shutter doors. Regardless of the model or make, we can ensure that your doors are functioning correctly. Repairs to broken roller shutters are designed to keep the doors in safe and efficient condition. Damage and faults can happen, but with regular maintenance with EDS, we can prevent these from happening as much as possible. 
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