Roller shutter doors are the most versatile door options on the market. This is because they are great for commercial business buildings as well as the garage attached to your own home. They have a vertical opening that is smooth and easy, and no installed internal tracks, which allow for a smooth operation. They can open and shut quickly, and as they're made of aluminium or steel, they remain in excellent condition with the right maintenance. 
Mostly, roller shutter doors are found in commercial businesses, warehouses, and industrial operations, especially those that require chilled areas sectioned off from the rest of the company. 
Common Issues With Roller Shutters 
There are several common faults that you will find with roller shutters, and you can call an exceptional company who is knowledgeable in industrial door repairs. Let's take a look: 
Code Issues 
Sometimes, other businesses in the area have the very same access code for their doors that you do. A quick call to your installer can make all the difference. 
Proximity Sensors 
When the doors open only halfway, there could be an issue with the proximity sensors. This can be anything from damage that requires roller shutters repairs or even dirt blocking the way. 
Power Source 
You've pressed the button to elevate the doors, but nothing is happening. It could be something as apparent as turning the power source on! Check if it's on and if so and no joy, call your installer. 
If the doors are being used over and over in a short space of time, you could find that they are overheating and need time to cool off before another use. 
Roller Shutter Repair Services With EDS 
Any industrial door can be subjected to damage or faults, and yours is no different. Luckily, EDS has a solution. Our servicing can ensure that your doors are working efficiently all over again, but you should never wait until your roller shutters are damaged before you seek help. It's all about pre-empting the issues and keeping your doors as maintained as possible. 
What Is The Cost To Repair Roller Shutters? 
Roller shutters can cost anything between £500 and £4,000 depending on the doors. There are many factors which influence the cost, and this can range from the size of the material, the scaffolding requirements, the motor installation, required accessories, and even the lifespan of the product. To get a better idea of the cost of your particular project, you should contact Essex Doors and Shutters Ltd. Our professional team can give you a quote and come for a visit to ensure you get the most accurate service possible. 
Contact Us Today 
Don't wait to need roller shutters repairs. Our door maintenance service is the best in the Essex area and beyond. Should your roller shutter doors require repairs or maintenance services, you are in the right place. Give us a call today on 07803 875617. One of our friendly team will be more than happy to help! 
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